ESNA Conference and Exhibition | November 5-7, 2019 in San Diego, California

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Rob Del Core

Fuel Cell Power Systems and Hydrogen Infrastructure

Rob Del CoreRob Del Core is a seasoned expert in the hydrogen fuel cell and heavy-duty hybrid electric drive systems industry. He has over 17 years engineering experience in system integration and product development for zero emission transport, with a primary focus on hydrogen fuel cell power systems technology. Rob has successfully led more than 20 zero emission drive system programs for hydrogen electric commercial vehicles. One of his signature integration projects was leading an international team of engineers to design and develop the Fuel Cell Hybrid Buses for Transport for London, UK in 2010. In 2012, Rob rejoined Hydrogenics Corp with a mandate to develop the hydrogen heavy duty vehicles market, electrolysis and hydrogen refueling infrastructure market in US. He designed the latest fuel cell power system, CelerityTM and Celerity PlusTM for Hydrogenics, dedicated for heavy duty transportation with the goal to enable commercialization and mass deployment of heavy duty hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles, which led to two CEC awards to develop a fuel cell truck and a fuel cell bus with Celerity Plus. He is also the originator of the concept of Bundled Fleet and Fuel solutions that can remove the barrier of hydrogen heavy duty vehicle adoption by delivering perfect union of hydrogen on site generation and matching fleets.

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